Rules and Regulation

1.    All students must obey orders and instructions given by the Headmaster, Teachers and prefects.
2.    Students must respect teachers, fellow students, subordinate staff and their properties.
3.    All students must observe total silence in class at all time.  If caught making noise one shall be suspended for a day.
4.    Punctuality must be observed, all students must report to school at 6.30 A.M and remain in class/school until 5.00 P.M unless otherwise,  a student arriving later than 7.00 A.M shall go back home until the following day.
5.    Fighting is not allowed in school.
6.    Stealing is a crime, whether of school property or fellow students.
7.    No student at any time shall be allowed to take any form of alcoholic drink, cigarettes or any other form of intoxicating drugs.
8.    Students should not participate in any strike or do any other activity that may cause strike and damage to the school or s taff property.
9.    Students will be expected to be in proper School uniform both in the school compound and outside the school during official school functions.
10.    The school uniform must be worn properly, e.g trousers for boys (which must not sag), white short sleeved shirt with a stiff collar, grey pleated skirts for girls, (which must not be tight and not above the knee).  A white short sleeved blouse with a stiff collar, white plain socks which must be ¾  length.  Boys must only use a 1 inch black belt with no writings/drawings. P.E/Games should be attended in full games uniform.

11.    Students will not be allowed to wear funny hair styles, rings, bangles necklace, hair clips.
NB: All girl’s hair must be combed backwards and no make-ups, chemical (Natural hair).  Boys hair should be kept short and clean.
12.    Students must always communicate in English and Kiswahili.
13.    All assignments must be done and handed to the teacher in good time.
14.    School property must be handled with care and responsibility to avoid loss and damage.  If you loose/break you shall replace it immediately.
15.    Students are expected to be clean in body, clothes and mind.  Use of dirty abusive language will not be allowed; this may warrant disciplinary action or suspension.
16.    Students are not allowed to communicate verbally or otherwise with outsiders while within the school compound without permission.
17.    Students are not allowed to go out of school compound during school hours without official permission, if found having sneaked through the fence, the student shall bring to school one roll of barbed wire.

18.    Students are not allowed in the kitchen, staffroom and office without permission.
19.    All students must have a plate, a cup (stainless steel) and a spoon which must be kept clean at all times.
20.    No food remnants should be taken to class; all food remnants should be disposed into a pit.  Each student will be issued with a meal card which should be produced at all meal times.
21.    All students must undergo medical check up organized by the school.
22.    Students should not forge signatures of their parents/guardians/teachers or fellow students at any one time.
23.    Absenteeism from school, without permission will not be entertained.
24.    All students must have proper school bags but not paper bags.
25.    Chewing gum is not allowed in the school.
26.    Students are not allowed to bring false guardians to the school to solve any matter.
27.    Students should keep/take care of the compound, environment e.g. no stepping on the flower beds, parking bicycles on these flower beds, should not destroy the trees/sitting on the flower hedge.
28.    Coupling/pairing is not allowed.
29.    Response to the bell should be prompt at all times.
30.    Replacing/borrowing books from the store should only be done during long break and at 4.00 P.M by the class prefect and not any other time whatsoever.

31.    The school shall not provide any special diet at all.
32.    All school programmes must be attended always i.e. all lessons must be attended, each student should belong/attend a family, club and societies like C.U/Y.C.S e.t.c.

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